CEO Message
Shinkwang Eco Road E&C Co., Ltd.
Shinkwang Eco Road E&C Co., Ltd. uses 31 years of
accumulated experience and knowledge to think about the
nature and the future of mankind and to make our environment a beautiful and safe place
to live for abundance.
Shinkwang Eco Road E&C Co., Ltd. is recognized as a reliable partner of about 80 leading constructors in Korea.
Shinkwang has proudly passed strict qualification and
capacity evaluations of our partners and has been known as an outstanding business partner owing to our customers' compliments and the sincere performances of Shinkwang Members.
Shinkwang Eco Road E&C Co., Ltd. is an open company and a trustworthy companion of our customers' growths and developments.
We have performed strictly crafted designs and constructions and achieved zero quality and safety defects for the last 31 years. By doing so, all members of Shinkwang have earned the trust of Korea and have achieved a constant development and growth as one.
Our awards from the Prime Minister of Korea as an outstanding highway constructor, from the President of Korea Train Express for our outstanding performance with Gyeongbu Express Rail, from the President of Daewoo Construction as an outstanding partner, and from the
superintendent of Dongdaemun Tax Office as an exemplary taxpayer have been the outcomes of our effort and compliments for a greater success. We promise to be just as sincere and devoted as we were when we first established the company.
Shinkwang Eco Road E&C Co., Ltd. is honored and proud to be a beloved and reliable partner.
The excessive workload and tiring work environment of constructors and engineers lead to the creation of sturdy structures throughout the world and convenient, safe, and pleasant lives of us and our descendants. We wish you and your family happiness and prosperity and we would greatly appreciate your warm support and suggestions.
Major history
March 20, 1985 Established the Company
* Company name: ShinKwang Fence
December 1, 1989 Acquired a business license for metallic structure & window installation business
January 22, 1990 Converted to a corporation
* Company name: ShinKwang Fence Construction Co., Ltd.
December 27, 1997 Acquired the ISO 9002 quality certificate
November 29, 1999 Appointed new Chief Executive Officer
* Appointed Mr. Kim Hak Ryul as the CEO
December 15, 2003 Acquired the ISO 9001 certification for Quality Management System
February 28, 2006 Acquired the ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management System
April 2, 2007 Changed the company name
* New company name: ShinKwang Eco Road E&C Co., Ltd.
June 5, 2008 Acquired a business license for facility maintenance & management business
November 12, 2009 Made a declaration for overseas construction business
December 11, 2015 Acquired the OHSMS 18001 certification for Occupational Health and Safety Management System
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Nakilat Ship Repair Yard, Qatar
Location Industrial area in Doha, North Ras Laffan, Qatar
Period 2008. 11. 20 ~ 2011. 4. 30
Amount US$ 11,843,003
Client Qatar Petroleum
Inspection Royal Haskoning & Cowi
Work Items Manufacturing and installing of 111 types of metallic structures including Hauling-in Track

Third Bosphorus Bridge, Turkey
Location Odayeri ~ Pasakoy Section Motorway, Turkey
Period 2016. 2. ~
Amount US$ 3,030,000
Client ICA(IC Icatas-Astaldi JV)
Engineer Michel Virlogeux Consultant SARL & greisch & T engineering
Work Items Wind Screen

North-South Transmission Cable Tunnel NS-1/ 2/ 3, Singapore
Period 2015~2017
Amount NS-1 US$ 2,532,351
NS-2 US$ 2,255,308
NS-3 US$ 2,962,341
Work items Supply of Cable Tray Support and Runway Beam

Refinery Plant, Venezuela
Period 2014. 12
Amount 21,000,000
Work items Supply of Chin Link Fence

Compiche Power Plant, Chile
Period 2012. 9
Amount 27,000,000
Work items Supply of Noise Barrier

Security Fence (Hot dip galvanized)

Mesh Fence

Military Fence (Barbed-Wire Fence)

Median strips shade net (EX Metal / Single pole type)

Guard Rail for shoulder (2stages)

Median strips guard rail

Bridge Railings

Inspection & Drainage System

- Busan~Geoje GK Bridge (2007~2011)Inspection stair & Walkway

Extruded Material Footway For Inspection

Drainage System

Pylon inner inspection facilities

- In-Chon Cheongna special structure - 5th Sim-Gok Bridge (2012)

- Gohyeon Ha-dong IC national highway construction (2013~2016)

Wind Walls (Bridge / Jamsil, Hannam, Dongjak)

Color wind fence (Road)

Back Blast blocking fence (Airport)

Combined Cycle Power Plant
Construction Overview
Location Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do
Period 2013. 3 ~
Work details AL ceramic panel installation, AL fluorine resin coated panel installation, AL curtain wall window Glass wool sandwich panel (50T, 75T, 100T, and 125T), Fire doors and special doors, Peripheral fences

image view

Soundproof Tunnels (Pan-gyo)
Seoul Outer Circular Highway 1.6K
Location Seoul Outer Circular Highway (Pan-gyo)
Dimension B=41.8 (8lanes), L=600m
Structure Arch type
  • Soundproof tunnels constructed on an expressway in operation for the first time in Korea
  • Acquired the Grand Prize in the Soundproof Facility Design Contest hosted by the Ministry of Environment

image view

Soundproof Tunnels (Yong-in)
Jukjeon No. 4 Bridge in the Yongin - Jukjeon District
Location Yong-In Jukjeon Land
Dimension 2 lanes each way, L=675m
Structure Arch type
  • Developed and installed automatic cleaning system for the first time in Korea
  • Constructed the longest soundproof tunnel in Korea (as of 2011)

image view

  • Ventilating System: Natural emission type (Upper canopy)
  • Lighting System: 3 way automatic illumination system
  • Emergency system: Emergency doors
  • Connecting ladders to lower part of the bridge
  • Evacuation/maintenance passageways placed on the left/right sides of soundproof tunnels
  • Guardrails on the outer side of the passageways to prevent falling
Elevating System Fence (Baseball Park)
Nanji Hangang park, Seoul
Location Nanji Hangang park, Seoul
Area 770,000
Dimension Baseball park safety fence 480m
Height H=20~10m
Structure Steel pipe Truss / Post structure
Method Method : Ferroconcrete Continuous foundation practice
Patent Patent : 10-2010-0013558

image view

Roof type Rock Fall Protection
Basic Concept of the Work Method
This method is used to protect human lives and vehicles passing through roads or railways from a rock fall occurred on the upperpart of road cut slope in a road or a railway passing a mountainous area adjacent to a valley, a river, a lake, or sea on the one side of the road cut slope. Any rock fall occurred in such a slope is bypassing to the valley, river, lake, or sea on the opposite side.

Features of Roof-type Rock Fall Protection Technique
  • Compared to existing rock shed, the construction cost is relatively cheap, so it will contribute to save national budget
  • As there is no need to buy or get appropriate licenses to build a bypass road, the construction cost and construction schedule will be curtailed considerably
  • As the products will be manufactured as prefabricated components in the plant and then assembled on site, it is possible to maintain excellent quality
  • As there is no need of performing extra earth works, it is possible to prevent any secondary rock falls or collapsing
  • A the construction speed is relatively fast, it is possible to cope with any disaster related to rock falls can be countered in a timely manner
  • Thanks to elegant exterior, it is possible to keep the prospect right for natural scenery by maintaining laetral openness
  • It is possible to pass traffic while constructing the tunnels, there will be minimal complaints concerning road blocking
Features of Roof-type Rock Fall Protection Technique
  • Apply to areas with steep slopes, in which the bedrock is made of hard rocks
Side Slope Placing Method
  • Apply to areas where slopes are becoming steeper on the upper part, so there
Background and Purpose of Installing Eco-Bridges
As 70% of the entire country is covered by mountainous terrains, the continual growth of transportation infrastructure (such as roads and railways) pursuant to the balanced development policy of the government has accelerated the division of forests and green spaces in the country. Accordingly, natural movement of wild animals also has been restricted, so these animals have been trying to encroach or cross roads or railways for the sake of their survival. In the process, many animals have been died on the roads as well as people who tried to avoid the collision with these animals. The purpose of this project is to reduce road kill accidents of wild animals as well as to protect lives of car drivers.

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